Areas of Practice

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Business & Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation generally involves any type of dispute that may arise in a business context that cannot be resolved outside the court room. These disputes can be between businesses or between individuals and businesses. Business and commercial litigation covers a wide range of issues including breach of contract, partnership and shareholder issues, employment claims, commercial real estate disputes, breach of fiduciary duty and interference with business relationships.

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Business Contracts & Transactions

Maura McCarthy Bulman, P.L.L.C. represents clients in all stages of business matters. Formal written contracts are important to protect your interests, giving you peace of mind ensuring smooth, professional business operations.

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Real Estate Litigation

Maura McCarthy Bulman has a wide range of experience litigating and effectively resolving disputes concerning commercial and residential real estate including, the purchase and sale of condominiums, single family homes, and commercial real estate, quiet title actions, ejectment actions, property liens, boundaries and property rights, deposits, contracts and contractors liens.

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Shareholder Agreements & Disputes

Shareholder agreements (between owners of shares in corporations), operating agreements(between owners of membership interests in limited liability companies) and partnership agreements (between partners in a partnership) are legal documents that outline company operations and define the rights, liabilities and obligations of shareholders, members and partners. Maura McCarthy Bulman has extensive experience negotiating and drafting shareholders’ agreements, operating agreements and partnership agreements and representing shareholders, members and partners in disputes.

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Employment Law

As an employer, labor and employment disputes can arise, and pose serious problems for your business. For instance, how does the law define full time employees or independent contractors? How does the law define part-time workers, seasonal workers, or temporary workers, and what are their rights?

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Buying & Selling Businesses

When it comes to buying and selling businesses, the devil is in the details. Does the business own real estate, or is it leasing space? Is there licensing or permitting involved? Has due diligence been exercised in the business evaluation? Are there any liens or judgments against the business?

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