The Right Business Lawyer for My Business

When I started my business 3 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing. A friend connected me with Maura, and I am glad they did. Maura helped me with everything I needed to start my business, from the creation of the corporation and govermental requirements, to contracts with vendors and employees. Now, with 19 employees, she conitnues to offer advice and counsel to ensure I stay out of trouble. But if am ever in a lawsuit, I know I can count on her. She is, without a doubt, the right lawyer for me and my busines and I can’t thank her enough.

Brian M, Pompano Beach

She Helped Me with a BAD Real Estate Situation

I was in a bad situation with the office and warehouse space I had leased. Ultimately, I needed to sue the property management company and Maura was a pro throughout. While nobody likes to go through that type of stuff, she made it as good as possible with a very favorable outcome. Then, she reviewed my next series of leases to ensure that never happens again. At this point, I think of her and one of the team and call her with anything and everything. She is fair, smart and saavy. She is awesome.

Sandy F, Hollywood

She Saved the Deal!

When I moved to Florda and decided to buy my next business, I had planned on hiring a larger firm that came well recommended to handle the transaction. My neighbor suggested I speak with Maura before I did. We met and she was great, but I was still reluctant of going with a one person firm and went with the larger firm. Big mistake. Everything with the deal was going badly and the other side was ready to walk away. On a whim, I called Maura and asked if she could get involved. She did, and within a 48 hours the deal was back on track and we closed 2 weeks later. I truly believe that the deal would not have happened had Maura not gotten involved. I will never judge a firm’s capability by their size and I will be her client for as long as she will have me.

Jon F, Dania Beach